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We fund and advise entrepreneurs building companies that impact energy, efficiency, and sustainability, primarily companies with ties to university ecosystems.



We help build seed and early stage companies that impact energy, efficiency, and sustainability (EES). These include companies that bring innovation to energy, including analytics, distributed resources, and the information side of energy; companies that create efficiencies in fundamental areas; and companies that use new technologies to create sustainable outcomes.

EES’ commitment to innovation also extends to how we partner with companies. We continually pursue unique ways of linking with entrepreneurs.

Our managers and advisors include entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts with the tools to identify the best entrepreneurs developing exciting technologies and to help them with business validation and growth.

Our relationships locally and across the country with entrepreneurs, executives, venture capitalists, angel investors, universities, technologists, designers, startup incubators and accelerators, and the media provide us many ways to add value and offer guidance to companies.



With team members on the East and West coasts, and with an administrative home in Houston, our contacts and collaborators are located in key energy and innovation hubs across the world.

While we source deals widely, our deep connections in Houston offer us access to the city’s customers, talent, and corporate partners.

Houston is the “energy capital of the world,” home to the second most Fortune 500 headquarters, and a leader in clean energy. It is the #1 U.S. municipal purchaser of renewable power, the #2 U.S. city for green jobs, and a pioneer in smart grid implementation. More than 5,000 companies in the Houston area operate within the energy industry.

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We believe that new energy, efficiency, and sustainability technologies provide tremendous economic opportunity. We also believe that these technologies are important and exciting and that developing solutions for our most basic resources is key to a brilliant future.

We take pride in being very selective about our investors and investments, choosing partners whose goals and interests are aligned with ours.



  • Nick Slavin

    Nick Slavin

    Managing Partner

  • Sean Kellman

    Sean Kellman


  • Eden Full

    Eden Full

    Director of New Technology

  • Paul Anastas

    Paul Anastas

    Advisory Board

  • Daniel Kammen

    Daniel Kammen

    Advisory Board

  • Olav Sorenson

    Olav Sorenson

    Advisory Board

  • Nova Spivack

    Nova Spivack

    Advisory Board

  • Jonathan Zittrain

    Jonathan Zittrain

    Advisory Board



Beyond our core team of collaborators, we are fortunate to have a powerful extended network of individuals whose experience and insight spanning critical sectors related to energy, digital technology, and the environment is available to us and, by extension, our portfolio companies. These include CEOs, leading investors, serial entrepreneurs, and distinguished scientists and academics.

We have also cultivated relationships with outstanding university students who assist us in various ways, including making connections, sharing insights, and serving as "eyes and ears" at top universities. These include successful entrepreneurs, campus leaders, and technology experts at Berkeley, Caltech, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, UCLA, and Yale.

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Submissions to EES Ventures

Although we receive most of our best deals through our network, we invite you to submit your business plan to us at

Please note that due to the large number of business plan ideas and related materials that EES Ventures reviews, and the similarity of many such plans and materials, we cannot agree to obligations of confidentiality or non-disclosure with regard to information you submit to us. By submitting information or materials to EES Ventures, you or anyone acting on your behalf agree that any such information or materials will not be considered confidential or proprietary.

Press Inquiries, Internships

Press inquiries should be directed to If you are a talented student, regardless of your field of study, and are interested in helping EES Ventures, please send a resume to